Startup Tech solutions

Startup Tech solutions

Compute started in a room in a house on Silverpine Road Malanshof.
With a computer, a landline and a whole lot of dedicated hours.

We are excited by new startup businesses and would love to be part of your journey.

That’s why we are offering a consulting service on what you do and don’t need (tech wise) to get your business going and keep it growing.
We also offer tech support to deal with tech hiccups and downtime that rob your organisation of precious working hours.

We offer an all-inclusive package for startups, small to medium enterprises and large corporations. These packages have the agility to grow as your business grows.

Running a business takes more hours than there are in a day, and we would like to give you some time back by taking care of your tech.

SME Tech solutions

Whether you are a mobile business, attending meetings all day and responding to emails at your favourite coffice;
Or a business that requires larger infrastructure to attend to, and keep staff and customers going.
We have just the solution for you and your tech.

Each business is different and has vastly different tech needs.
Some businesses just need a slick, managed website, a brand identity and a smartphone.
Others require servers, printers, telephones, computers, e-mail, scanners, admin software, management software, security, internet infrastructure and an on-site tech team.
We’ve got both of your backs! And all the backs in-between – so to speak.

Startup Tech solutions

We would love to have a sit down with you and discover more about your business and how we can keep you going and help you grow.
Not every business needs top of the price range equipment. Let us help you plan the most cost-effective most business effective tech strategy.

Contact us to arrange a meeting at your favourite cafe or in your boardroom or ours, or in the dining room of the house where you are building your empire; to discuss how we can save you time, money and stress over your tech setup.

Here’s to growing businesses, creating jobs and chasing dreams!

Technology Solutions for business

Make contact with us below to save yourself time, money and stress:


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