Servers and Networks

Server Architecture
Compute has the in-house ability to design and build any size Server installation, from single-server units through to enterprise installations, with a proven track record in delivering large-scale server deployments including clustered systems and enterprise-wide e-mail services. This design ability enables the end user to specify their requirements and Compute will then design the system that best suits their needs, utilising leading brand components, fully tested and guaranteed. This service covers equipment manufactured by most suppliers backed up by both our support services and the manufacturers own support offerings.

Compute’s new premises, can ensure any quantity of server systems are delivered to your site in a pre-built state. Where possible, we will pre-configure the hardware and software before the equipment reaches its location, reducing the installation time on-site meaning your business has less of an impact during the overall implementation process.
Compute have been designing networks for customers for over 20 years, and have a proven, methodical approach to their design and implementation. From simple office ADSL connections through to corporate WAN solutions covering multiple and remote locations, Compute’s dedicated Network team are able to provide the solution that is right for the end-users' needs. Computer viruses and malicious attacks are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication. Firewall and security protection is now essential for any business with an office network connected to the Internet. Compute can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information systems, from providing security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy at all levels of your network.

Compute’s network experts can be onsite to help you:

• Perform comprehensive security audits.
• Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks.
• Set up firewalls and network devices.
• Configure secure access for remote access.
• Deploy automated software for protection against viruses and spam.
• Develop a security strategy with 24x7 monitoring.
• Provide on-site and remote service.
• Troubleshooting for network problems
Compute provide virtual infrastructure solutions for all environments. Our deep routed experience in virtualisation and partnerships with virtualisation providers enable us to offer tailor-made solutions for each customer.

What is Virtualization?
Virtualization is a software technology that allows you to maximize the resources of a physical computer by running applications as virtualized workloads. Numerous applications and operating systems can run on one physical machine, resulting in significant cost savings on hardware, cooling and energy consumption. Compute have key areas of focus for virtualization

• Desktop Virtualization
• Server Virtualization
• Storage Virtualization
• Network Virtualization
Key differentiator at Compute is our expertise in both storage and virtualization, along with our ability to understand and bring these two disciplines together. Neither of these areas work effectively in isolation and Compute not only has the unparalleled knowledge of each environment, but understands how these infrastructures are interlinked.

Brief Benefits of Virtualization
Server consolidation and containment - Consolidate and contain your physical servers, reducing hardware and operating costs by as much as 50%.
Business continuity - Simplify and reduce the costs of your disaster recovery procedures, yet with faster, safer recovery targets in a virtualized environment.
Flexible management - Improve your business operational flexibility and responsiveness with less time spent configuring hardware systems and on maintenance.
Recovery speed and less downtime - Improve the overall availability of your systems, with less downtime, and the ability to migrate with no interruptions.
Improved carbon footprint - Reduce your carbon footprint with less hardware, power outage and air conditioning requirements.
Achieving more with less - Achieve more with less, maximizing the efficiency of your virtualization environment whilst considerably reducing operating and maintenance costs.
Security Audits
Compute offers expertise in system and security audits and utilises industry recognised and standard tools in order to help identify potential security problems.

A Network Security Audit examines the effectiveness of an organization's security solutions, procedures and policies relating to hardware, software and users.

A Network Security Assessment comprises of:
  •   - An examination of network topology
  •   - An audit of the firewall and server configurations
  •   - An audit of the security solutions currently in place
  •   - A review of security policies
  •   - A detailed report of the findings, issues and recommendations

Network Security Auditing includes:
  •   - Access control
  •   - Backups
  •   - Antivirus
  •   - Logging and monitoring
  •   - Business continuity
  •   - Vulnerability Management
  •   - Penetration Testing

Security Planning and Compliance
Every business should have a designed and carefully thought out security strategy that includes both proactive and reactive plans. The proactive or "pre-attack" strategy should include steps that help to minimize vulnerabilities and risk. The reactive strategy or "post-attack" strategy should include the proper steps in assessing the damage caused by the attack and steps in recovering the systems or network as soon as possible.

Compute’s IT consultants can help you perform a full risk assessment and define network security strategy to help minimise or eliminate the possibilities of attacks and threats.
VPN solutions
Compute offers robust VPN solutions for companies looking to provide secure connectivity between remote workers or employees on the road as well as to head offices and other branch/satellite offices, using the Internet.

With high encryption and cross platform compatibilities our VPN solutions deliver enhanced security to protect the privacy of your company data over the Internet.

We support major vendors VPN products including Cisco and Microsoft.
Traffic and System Monitoring
Compute also have a dedicated monitoring system for client networks and customers are welcome to sign up to the services that this provides in order for them to be made aware of potential problems with their systems before they escalate.
Virus Protection
Compute can create a virus prevention strategy best suited for your organisation.

We specialise in most major brands of virus and spam protection software, including Kaspersky and SpamTitan, so you can get the best software suited for your needs.
Network Installations
The Compute Network Teams' sole responsibility is the design, implementation and support of your Network services. Utilising Routers and LAN/WAN technology this network group and deliver the solution you require to meet your business needs. VPN solutions for single user through to enterprise-wide remote access for a variety of users can be configured and provided.

Where possible, network equipment will be configured and tested in our workshops before it is deployed to your site to ensure that the equipment is working correctly, reducing the downtime that can be experienced when new technology is being introduced to your business.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Businesses usually don't have trouble getting data onto a disk or tape.

The real challenge is keeping that valuable corporate data safe in the face of daily operations. Whether you're dealing with a hard disk failure, looking for a misplaced tape or recovering from a natural disaster, data loss is unfortunately a fact of life.

Data loss isn't simply an inconvenience, it can result in costly business interruptions, and the increasing weight of regulations and consumer expectations can pose severe penalties for lost data.

Companies need to take decisive steps to back up and protect their corporate data. Compute know how valuable this data is and are able to work with you to design, implement and maintain your on-going backup strategy. We are able to provide you with the best advice for your business needs (as no two businesses have the same backup requirements) and then help you get to where you want to be, utilising either the proven Tape Backup approach, or the latest Imaging technologies to provide you with disk to disk and off-site, over-the-web backup solutions.

Working with leading suppliers in the backup field, both hardware and software are easily attainable and can be introduced to your organisation with ease to ensure that your data remains protected.

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